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Groundworker Insurance - The Basics

When it comes to groundworker insurance, one of the first questions many ask, is just which part of the construction industry does that apply to?

And the answer is, when it comes to groundworker insurance, this refers to all those works that are basically carried out before the main construction part of the project. Let's take the example of a new housing estate which say is being built on some brownfield land.

Now, just for the record, brownfield land refers to the type of land that is not greenfield (usually agricultural land which has not been built on before) and is designated so because there might have been buildings these before, mostly light, or heavy industrial works.

So let's say ten acres of former industrial land (with small factories and machine shops still standing) has been earmarked for housing development. The first thing that happens is that land surveyors test the land for pollutants to ensure that it is safe to build housing on and what degree of land cleansing might be necessary.

When that has been decided, demolition teams are brought in to demolish the old buildings. They effectively flatten the site and leave an area on which the groundwork now starts.

Groundwork effectively means what is says. It's all the work at ground level, and indeed, usually a few metres under the ground, that require attention. It's basically all the jobs that are needed to be completed so that the building of the houses can take place.

So certain projects might start with removing any concrete slabs, posts, or old drains that weren't removed by the demolition teams. Then it's a question of maybe removing top soil, or soil to a certain depth, in order to remove any fear of pollutants staying in the ground. This creates a 'virgin' area on which now the main preparation for the houses can begin.

Now at this stage remember that all the workers and indeed, anyone who might come into the site during this period, require to be covered by a groundworker insurance policy. This basically covers employee's liability and third party liability, and is a must have insurance policy before such work can begin.

The groundwork team then set about preparing utility service runs, drains, general pipework and any other remedial and preparation work that is needed for when the house foundations are started. By then, the site will be fully cleared of obstructions, have new pipework laid and be generally ready to go as a building site. Roads generally built at the same time as the property foundations and it then all starts to come together.

But given the diversity of work, and indeed often the complex nature of the projects involved, you can begin to appreciate that ground worker insurance is very important.

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