Friday, April 8, 2011

expensive dog marriage

amazing! in this world nothing is impossible. is one of them. There are many ways people do to show affection towards their pets. As carried Louise Harris. This woman is even willing to spend money as much as 20 thousand pounds, or around Rp283 million for the party held a 'wedding' was her dog.

As quoted from Orange, who named his dog Lola Harris. Recently, she wed her beloved dog with a dog named Mugly. The event did not stop there.

British woman with great spirit to hold a party to celebrate the 'marriage' is his dog. Unmitigated, the party held very luxurious. Within her party, Harris invited the 80 people living.

The party was celebrated in a house rented at £ 2500. The house was then decorated and erected tents to welcome the guests invited.

The dog was dressed like a bride. He was wearing a white wedding gown. Lola wedding dress bought for 1,000 pounds. The dress is fitted with a sprinkling of crystals swarovsky 1800.

Like a bride, Lola is also wearing a pearl necklace purchased for 400 pounds. Meanwhile, the price of crystal swarovsky to foot about 250 pounds.

Harris admitted to not spending hundreds of millions of affection for the 'marriage' is her beloved dog. He was pleased that his dog was regarded as the most important part of his life. (Umi)

"My dog ​​is my pride. It would not hurt to do the best for them. Spoiling they brought happiness to me," he said

source: viva news
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