Friday, April 8, 2011

Debt collectors in Indonesia

Debt collectors

Indonesia these days often talked about debt collectors. Actually, who are they?
Yes, he is a debt collector. Actually, they only provide services to collect the debt in need. There's nothing really wrong with this profession. However, in reality, there are many people who harmed immaterial by the debt collector.

Examples of recent cases by debt collectors Citibank. Citibank was reported to have killed a messenger client using debt collectors. Maybe this is not planned in advance. But only to give "lessons" for the owner's debt.

In fact occur persecution which resulted killing of a customer. In fact, if calculated, the good image of Citibank is higher and is priceless. But they have tarnished the good image of Citibank.

Should the bank as the brains of these ill-thought a thousand times to make this kind of incident. Rice has become porridge. Living this porridge mixed so good again. And to the debt collector, complete the problem without any violence is the best way.
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